Thursday, 11 August 2016

Catching some sun... and contemplating how delightful it would be to have someone tiny trapped in my empty glass, just for me to watch.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

It has been really, really hot at work lately, between the the weather and the building renovations keeping the air conditioning off-limits... so the dress code has been loosened-up, to say the least.  I've personally been taking full advantage of the situation, and pushing the limits of professional taste...

I was on my way home today... only walking distance away... and stopped in at the market to get myself some coconut water for the trip and a bag of fruit destined to be sliced up and turned into a big, frosty batch of sangria in the very, very near future.

On my way out I noticed this cheeky little fella following hot behind my footsteps, trying to get a peek at what's up my skirt.  I quickly snatched him up and deposited him in my bag, knowing that he was going to have his hands full keeping himself from getting squished amidst my haul of fresh, plump citrus.

"I'll show you what's up my skirt, all right" I muttered to myself, "but not until I watch you tread water in my pitcher of punch for a while."

A nice tart marinade to keep this tiny excuse for a man juicy and tender before I play with him in my panties.